About Us

SGC Ventures is not a traditional venture capital firm, incubator or accelerator. SGC Ventures is London based venture builder that partners with under-represented and exceptional entrepreneurs to scale or take ideas from concept stage to market.

As former founders ourselves, we work closely with our Limited Partners to help ambitious entrepreneurs navigate various challenges and barriers they face by providing them with access to capital, resources, experience and infrastructure to propel their businesses to the next level.

If you are a founder looking to validate your idea, early-stage investment or gain momentum, let our teams power you forward.

If you are an investor and would like to join our Investors membership club, please REGISTER so we can introduce you to a wide range of disruptive companies with quality management teams, large addressable markets, proven traction, sustainable business models and product fit.

What We Do

We support and transform both new and mature businesses by providing private investment, corporate advisory, business transformation and technical partnership to exceptional under-represented entrepreneurs and diverse teams across Europe. Let us evaluate your start-up and work together to design a plan to get you working smarter and with a higher quality output.

Venture Studio

The SGC Venture Studio through an end-to-end proprietary process, partners with founding teams to conceive and validate ideas, design and build MVPs and launch products. Alongside our limited and validated partners, we provide exceptional start-ups with access to capital, resources, operational support, experience, infrastructure and world class technology team to create valuable and sustainable businesses. Learn More


SGC Ventures works with ambitious entrepreneurs from all geography to scale and accelerate growth, succeed and navigate various everyday scale-up challenges. Our team possess a wealth of experience including strategic management, regulatory and financial crime engagement, business development, software and application development, growth marketing, UI and UX design. Learn More

Technical Partner

SGC Ventures studio has a ready-made technology team with the skills, experience, leadership and knowledge needed to build, scale, support and guide the development of your product. Our 25+ validated Global Technology Partners (2000+ resources) can support all aspects of IT & Technology journey, from conception to delivery by helping founders decide, design and implement technologies and functionalities needed to enhance their businesses. Technical Partnership