Wilhelmina Jewell Strong – Sparks

Venture Building Team

Jewell is an American Corporate / innovation business executive and investor(venture as a service, grant assessment ams allocation) with a passion for the arts, sciences. She advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion in management, society and culture.

A biologist turned venture development expert and investor with research, data analysis, marketing and strategic communications experience. Her career has spanned across the areas of: R&D, biotechnology, neuroscience, sustainability, engineering, design, consumer electronics , manufacturing sourcing and product management.

Jewell has worked for companies such as: Surcle.io, P&G, Eli Lilly, Posit Science, Amgen, Cradle to Cradle Institute, and METRO GROUP AG (Media Markt, Saturn, METRO/ Makro) throughout her career. She has extensive experience in R&D (6yrs), sales & marketing (6 yrs), and 11yrs of strategic partnerships, scouting, innovation + digital implementation experience.


United17 Ventures
BITHOUSE Ventures Group


Executive Certificate, Health, Climate & Entrepreneurship
MBA, Strategic Planning, Global Markets and Corporate Communications, San Francisco, US
Bachelor of Science in Cellular Biology, Pennsylvania, US