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The SGC Venture Studio works alongside founding teams to develop ideas from concept stage to launch and scale through an end-to-end proprietary process. We support and help all ambitious entrepreneurs from all geography accelerate growth and navigate various everyday challenges.

SGC Venture Studio is not a traditional accelerator, incubator or venture capital firm. We are a London-based venture builder. As former founders ourselves, our partners and us have a wealth of experience in areas including strategic management, regulatory and financial crime engagement, business development, software and application development, growth marketing, UI and UX design.

Alongside our limited partners, we provide exceptional founders with access to capital, resources, operational support, experience, infrastructure and world class technology team to create valuable and sustainable businesses to scale up or take ideas from concept stage (seed) to launch and scale (maturity).

What We Offer

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Alongside our limited validated Partners, who knows what it takes to succeed, we work with outstanding entrepreneurs and founders to design, develop and launch products or accelerate the growth and success of new companies, no matter the ethnicity, geography or background of the founders.

POC or/and MVP Development

With our initial investment, successful entrepreneurs will receive an investment commitment of upto £50k in match funding towards the creation of a Prototype, Proof of Concept (POC) or Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) to validate and test product Idea, accelerate learning and provide proof of traction.

Scale Up

Founders with an existing MVP looking to accelerate can expect 6-12 months tailored support program including investment commitment, Product & Design, Beta Testing management, Strategic Management including strategy shaping, monetisation, fundraising story and revenue growth

Technical Partnership

With over 30+ technology Partners (2000+ resources) globally and catering to all budget sizes, we have a ready-made technology team with the skills, experience and knowledge needed to guide the development or scale up your product. As well as supplying and managing your product team, we also provide technical leadership and oversight to guide your venture in the right direction

Supporting Services

Validated Partners to help with Start-up services including Legal, Recruitment, Administration and Marketing. Diverse pool of mentors and SMEs to provide support and coaching to guide founders through various issues and problems that may arise.

Funding Opportunities

We support the additional fund raising/ road to financing process including strategy clarification, financial model review, Investor Pitch deck review, investor contacts and term sheets negotiation.

Discounted Services

Benefit from discounted tools and services from various validated multidisciplinary partners to build your business from the ground up.

Aligned Goals & Incentives

Our fees plus Equity model allows founders to reduce upfront costs while ensuring we are as invested in the long-term success of your venture as you are. Our reward is tied to the long-term success of the start-up.

What We Look For

We partner with exceptional founders with great ideas and scalable start-ups.
  • Founder(s) with ideas looking for full support and experienced Partner to collaborate, validate and turn ideas into reality.
  • Founders looking for support with funding, design capabilities and technology experience needed to launch and take their products to market.
  • Founder(s) with products or start-ups at pre-seed stage struggling to find funding, market fit or looking to re-define strategy.
  • Founder(s) with products and early tractions and looking for funding, expert operational support and resources to scale up (pre-seed to seed stage).
  • Non-Technical founders, Innovators or companies looking for a Technical Partner to support the design, build, launch and scale.
  • Founder(s) of all product development stages looking for co-founders and like-minded innovators
  • Founder(s) with launched products, now looking for a Partner to support post-launch and improve their products.

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Technical Partnership

Interested in an experienced Technical Partner to collaborate, develop, iterate or support your product.

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